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Laurel Botanicals is named after the California Bay Laurel tree, a plant highly revered by Native Americans for bow making. Laurel wood is prized for its ability to bend without breaking; a symbol and guide for navigating through tumultuous times with resiliency.  It is our intention to use this model of resiliency in all that we do, from seed to bloom. All our flowers are grown in a way that is regenerative to the land and without the use of harmful chemicals or tillage. The farm supports a rich, diverse system that is modeled and inspired by the wild abundance found in natural ecosystems. Our floral creations also strive to mirror this wildness found in nature, reflecting our love for all aspects, moods and cycles of the botanical world.


Laurel Botanicals is a daughter branch of the parent farm Whole Systems Ag, founded by the owner’s father, John, in 1992. Based on the idea that all systems are integral and foundational to all others, John developed the system of regenerative floriculture; and his daughter was inspired by it’s beauty. This is a story of honoring and integrating what has come before, and reclaiming our connection to the Earth and each other. Bringing a glimmer of hope and beauty to a changing world, where even through the cracks, a flower does not hesitate to bloom.

A b o u t  t h e  O w n e r

Glory is a 3rd generation horticulturist, whose work stems from a deeply rooted love for plants and the botanical world. She lives in rural Madera County where she grows flowers alongside a rich variety of vegetables, herbs, ornamental trees, and shrubs. Her farm and business Laurel Botanicals, is committed to growing flowers sustainably, with the goal of improving the soil for generations to come. Besides offering unique floral design for weddings and events, Glory also teaches workshops and sells bouquets and vegetable and herb starts at local farmers markets.

Her intention with the work she does is to help bring people closer to nature and the cycles of the seasons, and to strive for the regeneration of both the land and the human spirit. While she lives and works in relationship with the seasons of the year, Glory also embraces the cycles of the human seasons of life and aging as caregiver for her father John (age 83) who still lives at the farm.

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W h y  B u y  L o c a l  F l o w e r s ?

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Imagine if everyone gave back to the Earth as much as they took from it? By purchasing locally grown flowers, or any other locally made/grown product for that matter, we are contributing to the ecological solution rather than the problem. The global flower industry on the large scale, is extremely labor intensive, and subjugates workers (often indigenous peoples) to slave-like conditions and a huge array of harmful chemicals. The amount of fossil fuels burned in growing, transporting, and packaging flowers is enormous. When we ultimately take these flowers into our homes or adorn our events with them, they have been cut often weeks ago, and are laced with preservatives. 


By choosing to buy flowers locally, our clients are getting a fresher and longer lasting product, while simultaneously reducing the social and environmental harm that is hand-fast with the large-scale flower industry. Buying local supports our communities and our Planet. For more information on our farm ethic and practices, visit our farm page

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