This body oil was made over the course of two years using local wild foraged and home grown whole plant infused oils. No essential oils were added to this product. It smells like a conifer forest kissing the edge of a riparian woodland. I made this after the Creek Fire burned in the Sierra. I wanted to create something that would transport me to the mountan places I hold so dear, some of which were devastated by the fire. 

The act of body oiling and self massage is something I really value as a self care practice. This oil is invigorating and transportative but also quite healing for scapes and cuts, rashes, and dry skin.  I used base oils of St. John's Wort, Arnica, and Olive oils and infused them with plant materail from Incense Cedar, Fir, California Bay Laurel, Cottonwood Buds, and Juniper Berries. 

The price reflects the amount of time, high potency, and extremely limited stock of this beautiful body oil. 


Aged Balm of the Sierra