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W e d d i n g s

Laurel Botanicals serves Fresno and the greater San Joaquin Valley as well as the surrounding mountain and foothill areas, such as Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon national parks. My design style is really a reflection of the garden and nature. It is earthy and natural, but can also be elegant and sophisticated. We love incorporating unusual wild foraged elements into our design such as branches and vines, wildflowers, seed pods, berries, and native greenery.  The result is usually full of texture and variety, resulting in a style not typical to most florists. Although we do occasionally buy in California grown flowers from outside sources, our ethic is to primarily use the flowers and plants grown in our garden.

Our Ideal Clients

Our ideal clients prioritize locally and sustainably grown flowers for their weddings and other events. She “votes with her wallet” by supporting a business that is regenerative to the land, while supporting a small family farm.  Clients recognize the seasonal and variable nature of the farm and designs, and are flexible and open to various flower varieties, although they may or may not have color preferences. Our ideal client values a more wild and open style, and wants her florals to be unique in both form and the selection of flowers/greenery.  She resonates with examples of our existing work, and is open to surprises.  Trust is essential in the relationships between the floral artist and the client. I have found over the years that trust allows space for natural creativity to blossom and that the final product often surpasses the initial vision.

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