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Workshops  2019

All of our workshops take place in Historic Downtown Fresno and are hosted by Cassey and James Kirk of Root General

What better way to call in spring than immersing ourselves in flowers? Flowers are on of the most ancient symbols of fertility and rebirth, and all that is beautiful in the world, spanning time and space throughout all cultures of the world. Spend an evening playing with flowers grown locally and sustainably by Glory from Laurel Botanicals, where she’ll be guiding us through her favorite way to create an arrangement, what she refers to as Intuitive Flower Arranging. Think of it as a lovely mixture of floral design and nature meditation. Once we learn the basics of form and design, its all about following the thread of our intuition and natural response to the flowers; creating something according to how we feel in that moment. There’s no right or wrong, it’s simply self-expression and allowing space for our natural creativity to blossom $69

In our fall wreath-making workshop, you will learn how to build your own wreath frames out of vines and branches. We will be adding in various dried and foraged goods, like dried flowers, wheat, ornamental corn, and foliage, to make a more stylized wreath with a floral piece leaving part of the frame raw. If you have taken our winter wreath workshops, this is a completely different technique, with a very different look! you will be provided with everything you’ll need to build your own wreath, plus drinks and snacks on the house!

In our winter wreath-making workshop, you will be learning how to build your own wreath using fresh and fragrant winter foliage grown and foraged by Glory on her farm in Madera.  You’ll learn how to select the right greenery to make your wreath last and hold its beauty, and will have the option to add in focal pieces such as berries, pinecones, and dehydrated citrus. Our favorite part about this workshop is the amazing smell that fills the shop while we’re working. Come build something truly unique and beautiful with us, and get in the spirit of winter. Sips and snacks included!

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